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About Us

What is is one of the leading global travel companies having a vast B2B and B2C market share. Our unique blend of competitive pricing, global connections and innovative technology allows us to seamlessly connect professionals in the travel industry and offer suppliers the benefit of our global distribution and rapidly growing network of Travel Agent around the world.

Planning a holiday is stressful enough. At we help you make your ordinary holiday into an extraordinary one without any stress. We can do it because we are the people available on spot. We know the World. What we need to know from you is the way you wish to avail and enjoy and then leave the details to us, rest of the job is ours! You decide your destination, come on-line at to see the wide spectrum of services available to convert your plans into actions. From our website, book your air ticket; choose a hotel in your price range and at the location that suits you; pick the mode of conveyance; go for half day/full day trips and move with the winds. With our "Ohatta Transfer facility" the moment you arrive, our representative will be there to help you in transferring to your hotel and plan with you, your holiday, to make it a truly unique experience.


The name may be new, but the company is not. We have been providing our best possible services to our Western World clients since last two years. You may have booked with Ohatta in the past and never realized it. Today, world needs an online company that stands by its promises and prices, and values service above all. From the moment you interact with, you´ll see the real human service behind the technology. Don´t settle for anything less as we offer.

-Online reservation for more than 70,000 (1*-7*) hotels, apartments, resorts, motels in 120 countries of the world.

-Tour packages, pick and drops, Road transport, sightseeing and Day trips nearly all round the world.

-Online support is available along with customer friendly staff for those seeking direct assistance.

-Live Chat+ Call Center of International standard.

It is a fact that at Ohatta, we invest all of our time, energy and efforts into providing our valued customers, with the best possible travel deals in the industry. Ohatta provides a blend of travel services with lots of benefits that not only suits the budget of our customers but results in huge savings without compromising your plans of pleasure. As we know the art of converting unexceptional things into exceptional ones so we can make your ordinary trip into an outstanding one.